Thursday, July 22, 2010


"Let's take a picture!" A call for group picture after a Christian meeting makes most of the brothers and sisters, young and old, rush to the stage area of the Kingdom Hall without hesitating. In just a few moments, each one manages to position himself so that everybody will fit into the frame. Everyone smiles and!

If you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you have probably experienced the situation described above. Not just after regular meetings but also during Memorial nights, assemblies and conventions. Do you have a copy of that picture with you right now? Why not take a look of it again and bring back the memories of the time when it was taken?

How many are you in that picture? We know that each brother and sister is loaded down with personal problems. Yet they were there posing with us. If they were not there, then it will be a solo picture, not a group one. Isn't it nice that these people are not forsaking the meetings and are always present to encourage us?

Our latest congregation picture
Who are in the picture? Perhaps we know everyone by name: the elders, pioneers, publishers, unbaptized publishers,and even Bible studies. Present are the faithful old ones, cute little children, happily single and married couples. They have different social status, nationality or ethnic background. But you can see the brotherhood. While taking the picture, nobody ever said, "I'm more important than you so I should be here, and you over there..." Where are you in the picture? It's a comfort to know that in this discriminate world, we can find a place of refuge in the congregation.

And, can you see the smile in their faces? Can you imagine a congregation group picture where everybody is apathetic or irritated? Hardly. Most are smiling, maybe because they are happy being with each other. Probably they are refreshed by the spiritual food that they heard during the meeting. And certainly, they enjoy the peace and unity that Jehovah is providing in this 'spiritual paradise.'

I have seen of many of such pictures taken from different lands and time and they have characteristics similar to your own picture and mine. But one characteristic is very evident in all those pictures - love. As Jesus Christ foretold: “By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves.” -John 13:35

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hello there! Kumusta kayo?

My name is Allen from the Philippines and I created this blog so that everyone can read my stories about the places, events, and things that I found interesting. I hope the readers will enjoy them too. ^^

In this article, I will be writing about my hometown. It is a small town in the province of Pampanga, located about 60 km north of Metro Manila. The local people and the dialect spoken here are both called Kapampangan.

Kapampangan dialect is just one of the numerous dialects used in the Philippines. It is spoken only in Pampanga and some towns of nearby provinces. But you can also find Kapampangan words used in other cities as names of food products and restaurants. For example, the restaurant Cabalen, which is popular for serving Pampanga foods, got its name from a Kapampangan word meaning "town mate." Another, a popular brand of processed meat products is named Mekeni, meaning "come here."

A typical Kapampangan person loves to cook. Because of this, Pampanga is considered the culinary center of the Philippines. It is said that Pampanga cuisine is the most evolved of the Philippine foods. Some of the foods that originated from Pampanga are kare-kare, sisig, and kilawin. Try them if you have a chance. They are delicious, or in Kapampangan, "manyaman."

Pampanga's terrain is relatively flat with one distinct mountain, Mount Arayat and the notable Pampanga River. In our town, most part of the land is used as rice and corn field. You can also find fish ponds (plasdan) where tilapia fish are raised. Rice, corn, sugar cane, and tilapia are the major products here.

When I was young, I used to ride my bicycle before sunset to visit the rice fields (marang-le). The view of the green fields with the Mount Arayat in the background is fantastic. The then-active volcano Mount Pinatubo can be observed in the west where the sun hides itself. It was a good place to unwind before the day end. All that can be heard there is the sound of the wind blowing gently, and in some occasions, also the sound of the birds nesting nearby. Everything is peaceful, like a piece of the paradise. That's why until now, I love going there. Maybe you can come with me the next time I visit my hometown. ~^^